Whether trough human or artificial intelligence we provide a lot of great data services.
Preferably we provide them as part of the road to pursuing your business dreams, but we could also help you with a one-off solution for your data challenges.
Just let us know what you have in mind.

By using data intelligently, you can gain competitive advantage in ways that wouldn’t be possible without data. We help you create a allround data strategy and data roadmap to improve your business. Also we assist you in actually realizing your data projects and getting it done with full impact. 

Data Strategy and Roadmap

Being data-driven means data should be a key driver of your plans. To get to your business goals, we create a data strategy that aligns with your overall strategy and create a roadmap to make things concrete.

Analytics Secondment

The right person, with the right knowledge, at the right moment. We offer data power not only on project-basis but can also bring in data analysts to join your team on location for a set number of days per week.

Every sector and company is unique. Therefore we build custom algorithms, dashboards and tools where we integrate predictive analytics with a great UI. Whatever the process, there is always a way to make it smarter in terms of cost-efficiency, output-quantity and overall performance. 

Sales forecasting

Don’t we all wish we had a crystal ball? Forecasting can be vital for your business’s success. However, it can be challenging to create forecasts that are anywhere near reality. Our sales forecasting models make sure that you are prepared for wherever your future will hold.

Churn Prediction

It is always sad to see good customers go. Using our predictive models, we can help you to identify customers that are likely to churn so you can make that extra effort that will keep them on board.

Recommendation System

Your customers do not always immediately find what they are looking for. Our recommendation systems can help you give customers effective recommendations that allow them to discover more of the products or services that fit their tastes and needs.

Customer segmentation

No customer is the same, so why treat them like that? Customer segmentation is an important tool to improve your business. However, it needs to be done adequately to work. Our data-driven segmentation models help you to target your customers in the most effective way.

Custom AI

Whatever the process, we come up with a way to make it smarter. We help you find the way to measure, quantify, optimize and automate it. 

We analyze your business and market data to show patterns and shed light on business performance. In addition we create a full scope BI-environment in the tool that suits your needs. To do so, we determine relevant KPIs, automate real-time insights and create unique dashboards with user-friendly data visualizations on business processes.

Data Opportunity Identification

Data is a haystack with some great treasures hidden in it. The challenge is where to start looking for them. With our experiences in different sectors, we’ll help you to deep dive into your data and identify the greatest opportunities.

Dashboarding Set-up

A dashboard is the best tool to make your data comprehensible and to gain insight into your performance. We can help you with setting up well-designed, effective dashboards that match your organization.

Digital Accountability

No idea what the effect of your digital efforts is or how to spend your online advertising budget? With digital accountability, we quantify the effects of your digital presence and give clear advice on how to improve.

Web Analytics

Web analytics allow you to measure and analyze the use of your website. Using data analysis, you will find out who your visitors are, how you can make your website more effective, and more.

Dashboards and algorithms only provide relevant output when your data is well structured, clean and available. We help you set up the right data pipe line so you always have the output you expect and can make the right decisions for your organization.

Data Stack Selection

Depending on the needs of your business, the data stack can come in different types across a large number of departments. With tools and techniques changing rapidly, it is essential to select a stack that suits your needs – now and in the future.

Infrastructure Health Check

IT infrastructure is ever- evolving. If these developments are not addressed sufficiently, it can lead to gaps within your infrastructure. We will check your infrastructure, so your systems are kept up to date – now and in the future.

Data preparation

Getting from raw data to useful information can be challenging. We help you with cleaning, labelling and transforming raw data prior to processing and analysis.

Support and Maintenance

Getting there is silver, staying there is gold. We know the importance of good support and maintenance to create reliable and ‘never down’ products. We make sure your building blocks are constantly monitored and updated whenever necessary. This high service makes sure you stay on top of your game.

Do you need more data know-how? We can train your from the basics to more advanced skills. Think of knowledge on a more data-driven way of working, pure skills to build AI/BI or improve your data consultancy level. We set up a training or workshop that suits your needs.

Custom data workshops

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Data traineeship

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