We are IntelliCrew.

We are a data intelligence agency with a heart for smart. We try to make the world a better place using predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
All focused on improving efficiency and effectiveness of ambitious organizations.
Starting today.

The Crew

Our clients deserve the best of the best. So we always take time to provide you with the most optimal team of specialists for your data challenges. Whether freelancer, employee, student or specialist-agency. That’s our crew mind-set.

We sell brainpower.

White box algorithms

Our models are fully transparent and open. Giving you the control to really build your business on top of them.

Hybrid development

We design and build custom tooling using proven building blocks. This gives full flexibility during implementation and the continuous guarantee of a high quality product when using it.

Full scope knowledge

Our ‘Crew’ mind-set is unique and thanks to our great flexible network we won’t hesitate to bring in the best technical or domain specialists for your challenge.