We are IntelliCrew

We help make business dreams come true using the power of data.

Data, or measurable information from the past can give us great insights. They show patterns, explain events and shed light on business performance. But what if you could use this data not only to look back, but also to predict the future.
Like a crystal ball, but then for real!

That’s what IntelliCrew does.
It uses the past, to show you the future.
Thereby enabling new opportunities, create more efficiency and unlock next-level business.

Our Dreams

IntelliCrew’s mission is to make business dreams come true using the power of data. Especially when it’s for the ‘good cause’.
But we have dreams of ourselves too:

Talent development is everything

We believe that data is the key to education that, rather than pushing people into a mold, allows them to discover and develop their unique talents.

Nature and technology are one

As the line between nature and technology is beginning to blur, we believe that data can play a role a more sustainable and conscientious world.

Human and bots go hand-in-hand

We believe in a future where robots and AI enrich our lives in a meaningful and ethical way. Therefore we should create with care. 

Our Partners

We work with amazing organizations that are not afraid to add a little data to the mix. These are a few of them:


We love to hear about your business dreams. Especially over a good cup coffee. Our experts are creative, data-driven and eager about helping you make those dreams come true.