Every time when I look in the mirror
All these lines on my face getting clearer

Aerosmith – Dream On (1973)

Why is a 45 year old lyric the start of post on a data blog? Well, firstly because it makes you curious to read on 😉 And secondly, because I believe that data is the key in realizing your (business) dreams before you get old.

Data, or ‘measurable information from the past’, can reveal great insights on what has happened. It shows patterns and sheds light on business performance. But data is not only good in looking back, it is especially great in predicting the future. Like a crystal ball, but then for real!

Therefore it’s the key to making dreams come true. Lately, I’ve spoken a lot of people who want or need to do ‘something with data’. However, after asking them a few questions we almost always get to some ambition for the future, its never actually about the data. The data is just the golden key to unlock the dream. You just need to know how the key works…

Source: Vadlo.com

I’ve spoken people in health, education, agriculture, sports, leisure and other sectors with needs ranging from fixing an underperforming process, creating more efficiency or brainstorming on a bold idea about a smarter and better world for future generations. It breaths progress, yes! My added value is to help get from an idea to execution, using… data.

From those meetings I decided that IntelliCrew’s mission should be to make business dreams come true using the power of data. Especially when it’s for the ‘good cause’. Fixing our health system, creating quality education, making people feel relaxed and energetic or removing unnecessary steps in (traditional) business chains. Whether through human or artificial intelligence, we should try to make the world a better place.

So, dream on. And call me when you’re ready to ‘Sing with me’.