From today on I am a start-up. Just boom. Follow the heart, follow the mind and there it is. Easy as that. And now the journey is on.

My name is Sven van Munster. A couple of months ago I decided to quit my job. I had a great job at a great company. But still, there was something I desired. That was to start my own company and doing things according to my ideas. And so I founded IntelliCrew.

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With IntelliCrew I want to create a Data Intelligence company like no other. The main service will be to help ambitious organizations become and stay the best using data. Why?

I believe that willing to be the best is something beautiful. Wether becoming your best self, completing a marathon or getting to your business-goals. As long as you don’t get arrogant and keep sharing: succes is something to be proud of.

But, getting to the top requires discipline, stamina and being just a bit smarter than anyone else. This is intelligence, the ability to change in something better.

The goal for the coming year will be to build a company that provides intelligence as service with a crew that shares a professional athletes mentality of doing whatever it takes to deliver outstanding quality.

How? Let’s find out. The journey is on.