Ok. Let me be a good host and give you a little tour in what IntelliCrew has to offer. Ready?

Hello world.

At first, great you took the time to visit the blog. My name is Sven van Munster and I’m the founder, CEO and cleaning lady of IntelliCrew. Personally, I love numbers and always look for patterns in it to create new insights and spot opportunities. From this passion for numbers I made my living being a data analist for over 8 years and lately I founded IntelliCrew to see if I can build a great data agency.

With IntelliCrew I want to create a company that helps ambitious companies to find the right path in the data-jungle. In a world where data possibilities are endless and new tech buzz-words seem to pop up continiously, it can be a struggle to make the right choices. Resulting in a lot of data potential being unused. IntelliCrew will try to guide companies in their (data) challenges. We’ll do this by providing relevant insights, unlocking data potential and implementing smart applications. Because we believe every company, whether in healthcare, leisure, energy or any other sector, can become a little smarter when being data driven.

Do smart things with data

Data is powerful and it can unfortunately be used to manipulate people. But data can also be used to shed some light on things, to provide valuable insights and to provide a contribution to a better world. That’s what makes us happy at IntelliCrew. And the examples around us are endless. We see smart healthcare monitoring to help medical staff work more efficiently. There is fatigue driving detection using face recognition techniques to help decrease car accidents. Or what about creating a more interactive way to watch a tennis game. Nice!

The Australian Open creates a rich experience thanks to data analytics.

But doing smart with data could also mean something simple as using a dashboard to track key metrics and optimize business performance based on that. In the end, it all comes down to creating efficiency and effectiveness in a business process using the power of data analytics.

Examples of successful applications and use cases seem to be endless, but there is still a huge potential for data analytics in organizations. Whether its the first step or a next-level predictive algorithm, IntelliCrew wants to have a valuable contribution in improving critical business processes across all industries. Especially for ambitious companies that use their service and products to do good.

So far, the quick tour. In the next posts I will explain in more detail what data intelligence is and how it can help companies become future ready.